Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sometimes it seems like my world is a bad dream.

I've written about my neighbor. He's a kind man in a good marriage with a normal son. He takes my trash out for me as often as I take it out myself. A ritual he started.

His 16 year-old son was in a scuffle with another boy at school a year ago. When I was a boy these things happened darn near everyday between someone at school. It was part of getting used to the burden of testosterone roaring through our young veins. A few weeks ago a policeman came to "interview" the family and read the boy his Miranda Rights as part of the discussion. Yesterday, a letter came in the mail. The boy can plead guilty to a Class 1 Misdemeanor of Assault or he will be charged and taken to trial for Assault by the Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

I found this out when I visited my neighbor this morning. He lost his job some time ago and this month he is losing his home. He was having a "sale" to liquidate all of his belongings. I don't want to call it a garage sale, although that was the format. He was selling new furniture and valuable items you wouldn't find in a garage sale. He is in shock. His whole family is in shock. Meanwhile, Andrew Thomas hangs another hide on his wall as he builds a political resume to run for higher public office.

The lawyer told my neighbor about another case he has involving two 15 year-old teenagers who were in love and had consensual sex. The parents of the girl aren't happy this happened. Andrew Thomas has charged the young boy with Rape. I saw this type of thing when I was going through the charge phase of my case and I saw it when I was imprisoned too. I met a man who had urinated on the side of the road one night because there was no business nearby that would allow him to use the restroom. He was intoxicated, which I'm sure didn't help either his judgement or his ability to wait. Someone in an apartment noticed him. He was serving a year for public indecency, was charged as a felon and made to register as a Registered Sex Offender. That was another violent crime, another sex crime, and another life that Andrew Thomas ruined as he follows his strategy for higher office and a life in public service.

I understand that people like Andrew Thomas exist. What I don't understand is why people cannot see them as the violent predators they are until it's too late. My neighbor wasn't even sure who Andrew Thomas was until he read my book. He was one of the people who voted for Andrew Thomas and loved Joe Arpaio. That ended when the policeman came for his son. I warned him. I warn and I warn again, but it takes a total shock to awaken those sleeping and then it's too late. A warning won't help his son now.

God Bless to all. Pray for our country and for our children's freedom. As bad as it is, I feel certain that what we know is but the surface layer of how debase the unvarnished truth really is. Read Accidental Get closer to the truth. Spread the word!

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  1. Dan,
    I am so extremely saddened to read this post. As we both were blind, we now passionately try to warn our families, neighbors, friends that we no longer live in the Land of the Free. We are now always cautious knowing that at the stroke of a pen we can be charged, prosecuted and incarcerated. I pray the charges can be dropped but with the political power that controls the judicial system, I am doubtful.
    I haven't yet read your book, can't wait until I can get a copy and share it with others. When I share with them story after story, they are shocked as I and I vow to never stop this fight.
    Our son has been wrongfully convicted for a crime that never even happened ( and it is not just my mission to have him vindicated but to make serious change to our judicial system. The future of our children and grandchildren is dimmer now than any other time in the history of mankind in this country! God, please help us change this!!!