Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sometimes it seems like my world is a bad dream.

I've written about my neighbor. He's a kind man in a good marriage with a normal son. He takes my trash out for me as often as I take it out myself. A ritual he started.

His 16 year-old son was in a scuffle with another boy at school a year ago. When I was a boy these things happened darn near everyday between someone at school. It was part of getting used to the burden of testosterone roaring through our young veins. A few weeks ago a policeman came to "interview" the family and read the boy his Miranda Rights as part of the discussion. Yesterday, a letter came in the mail. The boy can plead guilty to a Class 1 Misdemeanor of Assault or he will be charged and taken to trial for Assault by the Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

I found this out when I visited my neighbor this morning. He lost his job some time ago and this month he is losing his home. He was having a "sale" to liquidate all of his belongings. I don't want to call it a garage sale, although that was the format. He was selling new furniture and valuable items you wouldn't find in a garage sale. He is in shock. His whole family is in shock. Meanwhile, Andrew Thomas hangs another hide on his wall as he builds a political resume to run for higher public office.

The lawyer told my neighbor about another case he has involving two 15 year-old teenagers who were in love and had consensual sex. The parents of the girl aren't happy this happened. Andrew Thomas has charged the young boy with Rape. I saw this type of thing when I was going through the charge phase of my case and I saw it when I was imprisoned too. I met a man who had urinated on the side of the road one night because there was no business nearby that would allow him to use the restroom. He was intoxicated, which I'm sure didn't help either his judgement or his ability to wait. Someone in an apartment noticed him. He was serving a year for public indecency, was charged as a felon and made to register as a Registered Sex Offender. That was another violent crime, another sex crime, and another life that Andrew Thomas ruined as he follows his strategy for higher office and a life in public service.

I understand that people like Andrew Thomas exist. What I don't understand is why people cannot see them as the violent predators they are until it's too late. My neighbor wasn't even sure who Andrew Thomas was until he read my book. He was one of the people who voted for Andrew Thomas and loved Joe Arpaio. That ended when the policeman came for his son. I warned him. I warn and I warn again, but it takes a total shock to awaken those sleeping and then it's too late. A warning won't help his son now.

God Bless to all. Pray for our country and for our children's freedom. As bad as it is, I feel certain that what we know is but the surface layer of how debase the unvarnished truth really is. Read Accidental Get closer to the truth. Spread the word!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

82 Year-old Arpaio Supporter Reads Book

I was fortunate enough to sell a book to a neighbor who is 82 years-old and a staunch supporter of Sheriff Arpaio. When she bought the book, she asked me, "You didn't speak poorly of my Sheriff Joe in here did you?"

After reading the book, I received an email that said, "I was completely absorbed with the book. I had read many articles and heard Sheriff Joe speak and though I give him backing on many things I had felt the conditions of those who were enduring the hardships in tent city. I didn't know anything about Thomas--and I thought you brought him up too much in your book. I hope through this book you have cleared your mind of what you endured. Not give up on your message to those on the actions of Thomas but not to let him take over your life either."

She then proceeded to tell me that she had given the book away and needed to meet to buy 2 more copies. We met and talked at length. Like most people, she didn't even know who Andrew Thomas was, she didn't realize that people live in Tent City for a year or more, and she had no idea that Andrew Thomas was bankrupting the state with the assembly line of residents he's built into the state's prison system.

Now that she knows, she's not happy. And, I have the impression that she is going to be quite vocal about it too.

There are actually some days when I have hope for a better future. Not many of them, but when they come I pray a happy prayer of thanks.

Blessings to all! Remember to read the book. Accidental Felons could be a book about someone you love. It can be found online or at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe at the SW corner of McClintock and Guadalupe.

Christian Station radio Interview a win!

The Interview this morning wit Mark Johnson, host of Spotlight, on KXXT, KXEG-AM (1010 and 1280 on your radio) went very well. It was pre-recorded (something I found out just this morning) for later airing, so if you missed it here's another chance.

This is a Christian station with a conservative listening base. It is the core of the people who need to awaken. As an indication of how the interview went, when it was over, the host wanted to keep talking about the subject. He was "shocked and awed" to learn the truth about Andrew Thomas' abuse of mandatory minimum sentencing to sell out Arizona to the for-profit prison industry.

Hopefully, Accidental Felons will be read by more people locally now that some media time is being spent on it. Sales on are beginning to pick up. Another thing to be thankful for.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here's a snippet from

In addition to the education-funding vetoes, she also erased millions of dollars of cuts that lawmakers made to some of the state's largest agencies. And in vetoing the policy bills that attach to the budget, she wiped out controversial changes, ranging from privatizing state prisons, including the possibility of Arizona's death row being run by a for-profit company, to property-tax changes that local governments said would lead to higher tax bills for homeowners while cutting the bill for businesses.

Of course you can bet that some Repubs will be on the hunt to overturn the veto. Andy Thomas has been working overtime for 5 years to break the state's back using Mandatory Minimum Sentencing as his Weapon of Mass Destruction. Nine new Arizona residents head to prison every day. Arpaio's jail is bursting with more Americans awaiting trial. It is truly a low point in American history not seen since the 19th Century. Please, please VOTE Responsibly in the next election. This has to stop. We are all at risk. Read my Book so you can see with new eyes.

Radio Appearance

Media appearance: 7:00 AM July 23, author Daniel Horne on Phoenix Christian station KXEG-AM Spotlight show. Tune 1280 or 1010 on radio.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Here's how they do it.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has almost 200 bills to review for veto at a breakneck speed before they become law. If she doesn't "get around to" the for-profit prisons bill (SB 1028), then it becomes law by virtue of a law that makes all bills passed automatically law if not vetoed by the governor in a few days.

It's an interesting history that every bad criminal justice act ever signed into law was done so by some sort of covert action on the part of politicians. From Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, to prisons for profit, Americans have been systematically raped of their rights to live in a free land by the people they have elected to protect those rights. Our Treasury has been looted, our Liberty has been stolen, and our integrity as a nation has been threatened. Slowly the people are beginning to awaken. But what will it take to jolt them upright? It seems like every disaster created at home has a worse disaster happening abroad to steal our attention.

We focus on Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, but the Alcatraz of Arizona (Maricopa County's Tent City) is worse. We focus on the people who hate us living 6,000 miles away while 1 in every 31 adults is quietly handcuffed under penal control at home. And we pretend as if a man who became our president just 6 months ago is singularly responsible for decades of financial mismanagement of our nation. The singular light in this is that the opposition who wants to demonize him is so blatantly obvious that maybe, just maybe, a few more of us will awaken. I can only pray.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Television Appearance on AM Arizona

I just uploaded the full interview on AM Arizona about the book Accidental Felons. You can find it on the index page

I hope that I have an opportunity for more interviews on television. I prefer those over radio phone-in interviews. There's something about talking to actual people face to face that I believe strengthens my message.

Remember that a person goes to prison every 45 minutes from the time the courts open for business until they close after a full days work. Imagine a haggard civil servant, a prosecutor, running from courtroom to courtroom, hair in disarray, sweating, and breathing hard from a day of sprinting between judges. Now multiply this by 350 prosecutors all doing the same thing. This is what Andrew Thomas has done to the courts. It's a travesty that I pray will somehow find its way into the light of public opinion.

If there is one thing that the people of Maricopa County, Arizona are in dire need of, it is a big dose of the facts. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Andrew Thomas is the most dangerous man in Arizona." He is using the people of Maricopa County as the nails he needs to build himself a political resume. He is literally manufacturing crime by using mandatory minimum sentencing to coerce guilty pleas from ordinary citizens, turning them into violent felons.

That isn't a rant, it is a fact proven by his compulsive abuse of mandatory minimum sentencing. By his actions alone, Arizona has moved from number 9 to number 3 in most dangerous states to live in. He alone drained all defense resources in the state for people accused of capital crimes. No one walking on American soil is more dangerous to the public than this man.

I'm continually brought back to the idea that I expressed two years ago. An idea that is in the book. Removing emotions for a moment and thinking that someone somewhere is actively directing the Maricopa County Attorney to such acts, who would that be? Following the money, it is clear that the big winners in this slaughter of freedom is the For-profit prisons that now are one signature away from controlling the first state ever in America. I cannot help but think that if the county attorney isn't in their payroll in some fashion, they surely must have his portrait on their boardroom wall. He has done for them what no lobbyist, no other politician, and no one inside their executive suites could do. He has broken the back of the state of Arizona's budget with a constant flood of prisoners heading to jail and prisons.

I keep coming back to Rick Romley's flurry of ads in the last election. What does it mean when the last Maricopa County Prosecutor, a prominent Conservative Republican, goes on television to plead with the public to vote for the Democratic challenger to Andrew Thomas. What outraged Romley to the degree he would abandon party loyalty? He is a decorated Vietnam Veteran. A man known for passionate values. When he said that "Andrew Thomas abuses the law," he was telling the truth. Maybe what motivated him to abandon his political party in an election cycle was a deep love for his country and the people in it.