Thursday, July 23, 2009

82 Year-old Arpaio Supporter Reads Book

I was fortunate enough to sell a book to a neighbor who is 82 years-old and a staunch supporter of Sheriff Arpaio. When she bought the book, she asked me, "You didn't speak poorly of my Sheriff Joe in here did you?"

After reading the book, I received an email that said, "I was completely absorbed with the book. I had read many articles and heard Sheriff Joe speak and though I give him backing on many things I had felt the conditions of those who were enduring the hardships in tent city. I didn't know anything about Thomas--and I thought you brought him up too much in your book. I hope through this book you have cleared your mind of what you endured. Not give up on your message to those on the actions of Thomas but not to let him take over your life either."

She then proceeded to tell me that she had given the book away and needed to meet to buy 2 more copies. We met and talked at length. Like most people, she didn't even know who Andrew Thomas was, she didn't realize that people live in Tent City for a year or more, and she had no idea that Andrew Thomas was bankrupting the state with the assembly line of residents he's built into the state's prison system.

Now that she knows, she's not happy. And, I have the impression that she is going to be quite vocal about it too.

There are actually some days when I have hope for a better future. Not many of them, but when they come I pray a happy prayer of thanks.

Blessings to all! Remember to read the book. Accidental Felons could be a book about someone you love. It can be found online or at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe at the SW corner of McClintock and Guadalupe.

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