Friday, July 10, 2009

Here's how they do it.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has almost 200 bills to review for veto at a breakneck speed before they become law. If she doesn't "get around to" the for-profit prisons bill (SB 1028), then it becomes law by virtue of a law that makes all bills passed automatically law if not vetoed by the governor in a few days.

It's an interesting history that every bad criminal justice act ever signed into law was done so by some sort of covert action on the part of politicians. From Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, to prisons for profit, Americans have been systematically raped of their rights to live in a free land by the people they have elected to protect those rights. Our Treasury has been looted, our Liberty has been stolen, and our integrity as a nation has been threatened. Slowly the people are beginning to awaken. But what will it take to jolt them upright? It seems like every disaster created at home has a worse disaster happening abroad to steal our attention.

We focus on Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, but the Alcatraz of Arizona (Maricopa County's Tent City) is worse. We focus on the people who hate us living 6,000 miles away while 1 in every 31 adults is quietly handcuffed under penal control at home. And we pretend as if a man who became our president just 6 months ago is singularly responsible for decades of financial mismanagement of our nation. The singular light in this is that the opposition who wants to demonize him is so blatantly obvious that maybe, just maybe, a few more of us will awaken. I can only pray.

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