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AZ Republic writes on abuse of power in Maricopa County

"I do get a sense that there is a willingness to intimidate, to threaten, individuals," Romley said. "Very subtly, not super-overt, but it's enough to get people nervous and thinking, 'Geez, I don't want Joe Arpaio knocking on my door at midnight.' You could be indicted and you may be innocent, but you're going to go through hell for several years of your life, especially financially."

Accidental Felons write to the book's author

i put a stop notice on a check because of extremely poor work done on a transmission..I expected to wind up in civil court for a settlement..however I never heard from the vendor..i was working overseas, after three years i went to the Scottsdale police department to get a verification on a document..I was arrested and put in jail as a felon for passing a bad check..i had no idea there was a warrant for my arrest there was no notification..the detective working the case knew of the stop notice at the bank, verified there was money to cover the check, said it was a civil matter however the prosecutors office maintained it was a felony attorney advised me to plea to a misdemeanor as it would a long time and cost up to $50,000 to defend..when arrested, prior to booking, i had to be taken from jail to the hospital because because the stress aggravated a heart condition .what can we do to stop this madness..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Accidental Felons Author Interviewed Again!

Daniel Horne talks more about the abuses and human rights violations in the Maricopa County Justice system.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arizona's one-man budget wrecking machine!

County Attorney Andrew Thomas is putting 9 people a day in prison. It costs $30,000 a year to house a person in prison. At that rate, Andrew Thomas is spending $1.35 million a week of the state's budget on increased corrections cost. That's $70 million every year he is in office. He has been in office for six years and that talley is equal to over 1/3 of the one billion dollar state budget deficit we face today.

Andrew Thomas truly is a one-man budget wrecking machine and the enemy of every taxpayer in Arizona. Read Accidental Felons. Educate yourself. Learn the truth behind the 30 sec soundbites on TV.

You see, we believe that Andrew Thomas is a smart and ambitious man. We also believe he is using the men, women, and children of Maricopa County as nails to build himself a political resume. He is building his platform on a foundation of high crime and a failed budget. He is hiding the fact that he is manufacturing both to suit his political ambitions.

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8:30 a.m.-Noon, 8/14

8:30 a.m.-Noon, 8/14/2009: Accidental Felons author Daniel Horne to appear on 92.3 KTAR-FM Ankarlo Mornings Show.

7:30 a.m. 8/16/2009,

7:30 a.m. 8/16/2009, Accidental Felons author Daniel Horne to appear on Fox News Ch 10 News Makers Show

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Prosecutor Misconduct. Will there be accountability?

Finally! Someone has made of movie of the madness enveloping our nation's legal system. Sean Penn has made a movie titled Witch Hunt which chronicles the activities of prosecutor misconduct in Kern County, California. One only has to watch the trailer to understand the chilling career of an opportunist prosecutor who abuses the law at every turn.

It doesn't require any imagination to see Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas playing the lead role in such a film. This movie clearly portrays the future of yet more Arizonians as Andrew Thomas abuses Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, using the citizens who elected him as the nails he needs to build himself a political resume.

Cherry picking from a list of charges to prevent the accused from having a 12-person jury, ignoring pleas from victims and family members to dismiss the charges, and pursuing his agenda of abusive prosecutions, Andrew Thomas is a one-man wrecking machine. Sending 9 people a day to prison is breaking the the back of the state's budget and has created a movement in the state legislature to turn Arizona into a prison state by selling the entire prison system to for-profit prisons. The same for-profit prisons that have become notorious for moving prisoners to other states as it suits their business needs in pursuit of shareholder profits.

Those in Arizona who slip under the radar of a prison sentence still have their careers ruined and lives damaged. Accidental Felons describes the fates of other Maricopa County residents who spend years in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's notorious POW camp, known as the Alcatraz of Arizona. People innocent of the crimes which they are charged who accept trial by prosecutor as their only fate in a world where guilty until proven otherwise is the norm.

Few people realize just how easy it is to wake up for work one morning and come home a felon. Turning ordinary people into violent felons is what Andrew Thomas does best, but people are beginning to learn the truth. They are beginning to see that the most dangerous predators living among them are those same people they elected to public office.