Friday, October 9, 2009

Just heard Accidenta

Just heard Accidental Felons is going viral inside of the Arizona Prison System!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Accidental Felons, featured on Jon's Jail Journal

A new Blogger has taken up the baton on Accidental Felons. Shaun Attwood, a prisoner on Arpaio's gulag for 2 years and in Arizona's prison system for 4 more has returned to the UK and speaks about the horrors of living in Arizona. This is both good news and sad. It is good news that the world is shouting a warning to stay away from Arizona. It is sad that all of Arizona's economy is penalized by the actions of 2 elected officials, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Nations throughout the world discourage their citizens from visiting the state and our tourism numbers are reflecting the change in trend.

Arizona could tolerate one rotten apple and Sheriff Arpaio was it. But with the one-two punch of adding a political predatory like Andrew Thomas to an elected "county" position, the entire state now suffers the consequences. Here is what one reader in the UK says:

"Between the criminal record barring things like jobs, education, et al...and the'd be a simpler proposition to go prey on the society that treated me like an animal for nothing.

So - good. Keep writing about it, all of you. I have ex-cons in my family, and they are screwed. They get out and still have no choice in the matter. You did time, you're a throwaway to society. Least we can do is make their death sentence vaguely comfortable." --Anon

Friday, October 2, 2009

Andrew Thomas wants to stop this!

Montana attorney general to investigate APF

Andrew Thomas has proven himself a dedicated servant of the for-profit prison industry. He worked diligently to break the back of Arizona's state budget, putting busload after busload of Maricopa County residents into prison until the system collapsed from the strain. Thousands of residents were coerced into pleading guilty to draconian Mandatory Minimum Sentencing laws. He successfully derailed the Court's ability to protect citizens and now he wants to protect the for-profit's investment in him by becoming Attorney General of Arizona.

Stop Andrew Thomas before you too find yourself on a bus as fuel for the machinery of for-profit prison operations. Stop Andrew Thomas before you become a means to create rising stock prices. Stop Andrew Thomas before he targets your family.

Republicans, you can rally to save your party by voting in the election primary.

Andrew Thomas wants to remove all opposition to the for-profit prison takeover of the state now that he has forced state legislators to betray the people. Andrew Thomas wants to stop any intervention of Justice into the for-profit prison industry's plan to dominate Arizona's economy.

You see what they did in Montana! Arizona is their largest catch ever--an entire state penal system! Profit, profits, profits, and Andrew Thomas is their man on the inside, their mole, the champion of incarcerating middle-class Americans for upper-class profit.