Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arizona's one-man budget wrecking machine!

County Attorney Andrew Thomas is putting 9 people a day in prison. It costs $30,000 a year to house a person in prison. At that rate, Andrew Thomas is spending $1.35 million a week of the state's budget on increased corrections cost. That's $70 million every year he is in office. He has been in office for six years and that talley is equal to over 1/3 of the one billion dollar state budget deficit we face today.

Andrew Thomas truly is a one-man budget wrecking machine and the enemy of every taxpayer in Arizona. Read Accidental Felons. Educate yourself. Learn the truth behind the 30 sec soundbites on TV.

You see, we believe that Andrew Thomas is a smart and ambitious man. We also believe he is using the men, women, and children of Maricopa County as nails to build himself a political resume. He is building his platform on a foundation of high crime and a failed budget. He is hiding the fact that he is manufacturing both to suit his political ambitions.

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