Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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In addition to the education-funding vetoes, she also erased millions of dollars of cuts that lawmakers made to some of the state's largest agencies. And in vetoing the policy bills that attach to the budget, she wiped out controversial changes, ranging from privatizing state prisons, including the possibility of Arizona's death row being run by a for-profit company, to property-tax changes that local governments said would lead to higher tax bills for homeowners while cutting the bill for businesses.

Of course you can bet that some Repubs will be on the hunt to overturn the veto. Andy Thomas has been working overtime for 5 years to break the state's back using Mandatory Minimum Sentencing as his Weapon of Mass Destruction. Nine new Arizona residents head to prison every day. Arpaio's jail is bursting with more Americans awaiting trial. It is truly a low point in American history not seen since the 19th Century. Please, please VOTE Responsibly in the next election. This has to stop. We are all at risk. Read my Book so you can see with new eyes.

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