Thursday, July 23, 2009

Christian Station radio Interview a win!

The Interview this morning wit Mark Johnson, host of Spotlight, on KXXT, KXEG-AM (1010 and 1280 on your radio) went very well. It was pre-recorded (something I found out just this morning) for later airing, so if you missed it here's another chance.

This is a Christian station with a conservative listening base. It is the core of the people who need to awaken. As an indication of how the interview went, when it was over, the host wanted to keep talking about the subject. He was "shocked and awed" to learn the truth about Andrew Thomas' abuse of mandatory minimum sentencing to sell out Arizona to the for-profit prison industry.

Hopefully, Accidental Felons will be read by more people locally now that some media time is being spent on it. Sales on are beginning to pick up. Another thing to be thankful for.


  1. I can't speak to the abuse of power by officials but when did it become OK to drive drunk, on the wrong side of the road and get in a head on collision , hospitalizing a young woman? I mean whats the argument for that?

  2. I don't subscribe to drunk driving and suggest you do not either. I also don't subscribe to lies, trickery, and politicians who prey on the public for their own gain. I respectfully suggest that you do not either. As a matter of fact, prior to the accident, I was hard-over against drinking and driving. To be completely honest, I really hadn't given the subject that much thought. It was not my problem, just a sound bite on the evening news from time to time.

    Now that I've lived in the world of Maricopa County residents taken prisoner, I know that some of the elected officials I trusted are not telling me the whole truth, and in some cases not telling me the truth at all. Because I understand now that they have career motivations that are self-serving and have nothing to do with public safety, I want to know more of the facts before I allow my neighbor to be branded something evil and dangerous.

    Think about it. How did Arizona go from being the 9th most dangerous state in America to #3 in 2 years? How can a single county attorney drain the defense resources of an entire state for capital crimes? How can prosecutors handle 12-15 cases each when defense attorneys can only handle 3-4? The answer to all three questions is the same--the aggressive and abusive use of mandatory minimum sentencing.

    I sincerely believe Andrew Thomas is a danger to the people of Arizona. I saw what he was doing 3 years ago. I lived in Arpaio's world with the other Thomas survivors. His victims are silenced in prison.

    The far, far simpler thing for me to do was to walk away and blend back into obscurity. But, what was the right thing to do? Unlike you, I can't be anonymous.

    Your question is fair. Thank you for asking it civilly.