Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Speaking Engagement

Yesterday was quiet an eventful day for my wife and I. First I spoke for almost 4 hours at Maricopa Community College about Accidental Felons, and then I participated in a panel discussion with a Prison Psychologist and Department of Public Safety (DPS in AZ is the closest we have to a State Police) about Mandatory Minimum Sentencing with a focus on its abusive use in Maricopa County, AZ.

Time is short. We need to become active in the next election or the malaise perpetuated on the residents of Maricopa County will be spread statewide.

Read my newsletter. Arizona is the tip of the arrow, a poison arrow, and this is where we start talking more, reading more, and voting better to protect ourselves from predatory politicians.

I support Tom Horne for GOP nominee for Attorney General. Democrat or Republican, you know that the GOP primary is the best chance we have of stopping the loss of honor and integrity in Maricopa County government from attacking the rest of the state's residents. Register Republican for this election. Vote for Tom Horne in the GOP primary!

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