Saturday, September 5, 2009

Arizona, A Bankrupt Government Panics

Within days of Governor Jay Brewer signing Arizona's collapse to the For-Profit Prison industry into law, I received this urgent--and sad--email. 5,000 new prisoner beds does indeed confirm my forecast that Arizona is becoming America's First Prison State. We are to the United States what Australia was to Great Britain in the 19th Century.


Re: Your help is needed at Perryville Prison - there is NO WATER at Perryville Prison for Women since Friday at 5:30; NO DRINKING WATER, NO WATER FOR TOILETS AND KITCHEN FOR WASHING HANDS AND FOOD PREPARATION, FOR MEDICAL NEEDS!!

NO WATER AT PERRYVILLE, ALL visitors were turned away at Visitation this morning with no explanation as to when they could visit and when there will be water this week-end.

No water at Perryville Prison for Women, in the aftermath of the vote to sell and privatize the prisons late Thursday (with no public dialog or discussion, while California is being ordered to release inmates). Selling the State Prisons is not the answer to absolve the State Legislature and Governor's responsibility for Prison and Detention system in Arizona, when the legislature wrote the laws that have grown the prison crisis the state faces? How can 5,000 more beds (also voted in) be added (growing a failing system) when the State of Arizona cannot handle what it has?

Most believe the water bill was not paid.

No information was given out at Perryville as to when water and visits would be restored. People have flown in for the Holiday week-end to visit loved ones.

ADC Central Office closed.

Water department closed.

Your attention to this emergency is needed immediately. Thank you.

UPDATE: Water was restored to the facility after two days thanks to the quick response of Freedom March in pelleting legislators with email before someone died.

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